Citrus Park, Florida (NW Tampa) - CFPACS Webmaster's Garden

Caryota Sp. Himalaya
This Christmas Palm triple turns heads like never before. Mostly because most people in the area lost theirs this past winter and mine seemed to flourish so nicely.  It was hard work tenting this palm and the all night vigils of blowing hot air with a portable hair dryer during the freezes that got this one to pull through!
This small King Alexander Palm, iced over during the Jan freezes never showed any damage and is shifting over into summertime growth pattern.
A reclinata clump and nearby Roebellini. The male reclinata and female roebellini recently flowered at the right time and the female got pollinated. I once thought the reclinata might be a hybrid itself but I there is new evidence it may be one of 4 reclinata forms, one that is more freeze hardy, slower growing and bluish green color to its leaves. This should make an interesting and possibly more freeze hardy reclinata X roebellini hybrid.
I have taken advantage of this area, which is used as a stormwater drainage floodway to plant low and wet loving palms like a majesty and soon some Maurita Flexuosa in the most persistently wet portion.
Carpentaria seedlings (almost 6 ft tall) along the long driveway.  This palm was given no winter protection except for overhead shade trees and this palms received no freeze damage.
Australian Tree Fern planted around 1989

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