Citrus Park, Florida (NW Tampa) - CFPACS Webmaster's Garden

Palatka Giants, a form of the Florida Coontie Cycad. Photo is deceptive in perspective, these are about 5 1/2 feet high.
An overpruned Sabal Palmetto left, clumping fan palms between sabal and tall washingtonia are paroutis palms I started from seed picked at a McDonald's in Tampa in 1988. The low grower is a cardboard sago cycad.
A trunk forming white bird of paradise, started from seeds I collected on Bayshore Blvd in Tampa in the 80's.
Chameadorea Sp I got from the Tampa Men's and Women's Garden Club in the 80's. Approx 7+ feet high.
Washingtonia Robusta I started from seed gathered at a Mc Donald's in 1989. Look at how it towers over a 2.5 story house now. This palm is twice as tall as the others from the seed clutch, major difference is this palm was given large amounts (about 5 each 40 lb bags) of Cow Manure as an amendment to the soil at planting time and has not been given chemical fertilizers or epson salts since 1993 when I sold the house. Who says organic fertilizers don't work?
A view of my front yard from along the road. A solid poured retaining wall along the drainage ditch is work in process. Mixed hoe and shovel style in 8 ft by 14 inches high, the concrete is primarily  intended as a curb and weed barrier.
A Kapok Tree standing about 3 times as tall as it did last year at this time.

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