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The World's Best
By Franklin W. Martin
Edited by Craig Elevitch
Copyright © 1999; reprinted with permission


1. Palm Facts
  • Palm Ethnobotany
  • Principal Divisions of the Palm Family
  • Astonishing Palm Facts
2. Uses of Palms Throughout the World
  • Ecological Uses of Palms
  • Food Uses of Palms
  • Building Materials from Palms
3. The Coconut Palm
  • The Coconut is Used Throughout the World
  • Ecological Uses of the Coconut
  • The Coconut for Nourishment
  • Craft Uses of the Coconut
4. Palms for Staple Food
  • The Coconut
  • The Date Palm
  • The Palmyra Palms
  • The Doum Palms
  • The Buriti Palm
5. Palms for Edible Fruits
  • The Salak Palm
  • The Peach Palm
  • The Rattan Palms
  • The Chonta Palm
6. Palms for Drinks, Sugar and Starch
  • The Nipa Palm
  • The Raphia Palms
  • The Sago Palms
  • The Sugar Palm
  • The Fishtail Palm
7. Palms for Vegetables
  • The Pacaya Palms
  • The Peach Palm
  • The Coconut Palm
  • The Assai Palm
8. Palms for Oil
  • The African Oil Palm
  • The Coconut Palm
  • The Babassu Palm
  • The Murumuru and Other Wild Palms
9. Cultivating Palms
  • Collecting Seeds and Plants
  • Germination Seeds
  • Care in the Nursery
  • Planting Out Palms

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