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"Tried-and-true" method of germinating Borassus seeds
by Mike Dahme
Central Florida Palm & Cycad Society

1. Plant Borassus seeds in 14" high 'citrus liners', with tops exposed.

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2. Dump the contents of the citrus liner on the ground after a period of about 6 weeks.

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3. As shown in the photo, all hypocotyls should reach the bottom of the citrus liner during this time and should begin to form the "blob", which is the swelling at the terminus of the hypocotyl. bogerm3.JPG (66046 bytes)
4. Raise seed to near the top of a 2-gallon bucket (or similar size container) so that the "blob" is just below the surface of the medium. bogerm4.JPG (52637 bytes)
5. Finished. The seed is probably spent at this point, but should be supported on a contrived ledge. After a few weeks, the eophyll should be discernible inside of the exposed hypocotyl, at which point you slit the hypocotyl with your thumbnail and then remove the seed and hypocotyl.

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