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A Field Key to the Palms of Belize

GROUP IV Stems slender, cane like, usually green or brown, rarely taller than 5 m
(* potential species)

30a. Stems green and leaves tightly clustered at stem apex.

Stems 1.5-3 cm diameter, to 3 m tall, forming open, sprawling colonies on limestone hilltops, ridges (dense in burned places); stems, sheath, petiole, andrachis often glaucous; leaflets usually 2242 per side, <3 cm wide; stems 23 cmdiameter; female, male infls. with 10-35 branches.

Chamaedorea schippii
31b. Stems smaller or larger, forming tight clusters or closed clumps, not sprawling; plant not glaucous; leaflets usually <22 per side; most commonly found in lowlands.
32a. Stems stout, 2–10 cm diameter, to 7 m tall; leaflets wide (3–10 cm) and long (to 70 cm), to 25 per side, with several prominent primary veins above; female infl. with up to 20 branches, male infl. with up to 50 branches. Chamaedorea tepejilote
32b. Stems slender, 1–2 cm diameter, to 3 m tall; leaflets narrow (<3 cm) and short (to 35 cm), 5–18 per side, with one primary vein; female, male infl. with 4-12 branches. Chamaedorea seifrizii
30b. Stems not green (sometimes green in Geonoma deversa, but then leaves loosely clustered at stem apex).
33a. Leaflets numerous (usually >20/side, at least >3/side), without “windows” between the folds and the rachis.
34a. Crownshaft formed by closed, or partially closed leaf sheaths present, stem to 20+ cm diameter; leaflets + uniform in size, linear.

Stem gray; green crownshaft formed by closed leaf sheaths; infl. axes densely pubescent.

Euterpe precatoria

Stem brown, green or purplish crown shaft mostly open; infl. axes not densely pubescent.

*Prestoea acuminata

Crownshaft absent; to 20 leaves present; leaflets often irregularly-shaped; stem light brown, flowers in pits on the infl.

Geonoma interrupta
33b. Leaflets usually <4 per side, (with small windows between the folds on either side of the rachis in Reinhardtia).
36a. Leaves clustered at the apex, with compound leaflets having small windows between the folds on either side of the rachis.
37a. Stems thick, c. 6-7 cm diameter; leaf blades > 1 m long. Reinhardtia latisecta
37b. Stems c. 1.5 cm diameter; leaf blades <1 m. (usually <0.5 m). Reinhardtia gracilis
38a. Leaves large: leaf rachis 11-23 cm long, with 14–22 nerves on each side; the lower pinnae 14.5–25 cm long. Reinhardtia gracilis var. gracilis
38b. Leaves small: leaf rachis 3.5-6 cm long, with 8–11 nerves on each side; the lower pinnae 8.5–12 cm long. Reinhardtia gracilis var. gracilior

Leaves loosely spread apart along the stem, without windows; stem <3 cm diameter.

Geonoma deversa

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