Acoelorrhaphe wrightii
(Grisebach & H. Wendland) H. Wendland ex Beccari

Synonymy: Acoelorraphe arborescens (Sargent) Beccari; Paurotis wrightii (Grisebach & H. Wendland) Britt. Distribution: South Florida, Bahama Islands, West Indies
Common names: Everglades palm, paurotis palm, madeira palm Conservation status: Not threatened

acoewrig_3610_01.jpg (58133 bytes)

In habitat in Florida

acoelorrhaphe_wrightii.JPG (61774 bytes)

Typical clump of paurotis palms

acoelorrhaphe.jpg (105045 bytes)

acoelorrhaphe2.jpg (87789 bytes)

Common in Florida's everglades, it is a clump-forming species, with, typically, a few taller trunks towering
above the others. Neat fan shaped leaves give it an attractive appearance. Cool tolerant and may take a
degree or two of frost. Requires bright light, plenty of water and an acid soil for best results, or use
'Miracid' or similar solution to acidify the soil in high pH areas.

Top photo courtesy and copyright 1997, Douglas Scofield. Second photo copyright 1998, Jody Haynes; taken at Fairchild Tropical Garden. Bottom two photos courtesy University of Florida-IFAS.

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