Arenga australasica

Synonymy: None Distribution: Coastal Cape York Peninsula and Northern Territory, Australia
Common names: Australian arenga palm Conservation status: Vulnerable

arenga_australasica.JPG (56740 bytes)

Photo copyright 1998, Jody Haynes; taken at Fairchild Tropical Garden.

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arenga_australasica2.jpg (103007 bytes)

An interesting and strong-growing palm from Queensland's coastal districts, it performs well as a house- or
conservatory plant, tolerating low light, and growing rather fast to produce a good-sized plant in a number
of years. Like its smaller cousin A. engleri, it has unusual leaflets like fishes tails. Moist, rich, peaty soil and
a good supply of water suit it best.

Photos courtesy and copyright 1997, Mark Wuschke; palms in habitat on Hinchinbrook Island, Queensland, Australia.

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