Bismarckia nobilis
Hildebrandt & Wendland

Synonymy: Medemia nobilis Distribution: Madagascar
Common names: Bismarck palm Conservation status: Not threatened

bismarckia_nobilis1.JPG (61222 bytes)

Blue/silver form

bismarckia_male.JPG (15396 bytes) bismarckia_female.JPG (29783 bytes)
Male (blue) Female (blue)
Bismarckia nobilis bismarckia_nobilis_sdlg.JPG (88075 bytes)

Juvenile (blue)

Seedling (blue)

wpe1.jpg (18400 bytes)

Green form

Bismarckia nobilis comes from Madagascar. The fronds on this palm can get up to 10 feet across; because of its size, this palm needs lots of room to be seen at it's best. Bismarckia can tolerate drought and frost and is a relatively fast grower. The two forms of this palm, blue/silver and green, differ in color and purportedly also in environmental preference/tolerance. The green form seems to do better along the coastal areas of southern California (cooler climate) and the blue form takes the inland heat better. Very few of the green form are planted in south Florida, perhaps because of their inability to withstand heat, or perhaps because the blue form is so much more stunning.

"Juvenile (blue)" and bottom photos courtesy and copyright 1998, Mike Maxson, Palms of the World. Top three and "Seedling (blue)" photos copyright 1998, Jody Haynes; top three taken at Fairchild Tropical Garden.

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