Brahea armata

Synonymy: Erythea armata, E. glauca, E. roezlii Distribution: Baja California
Common names: Blue hesper palm Conservation status: Unknown

brahea_armata2.jpg (64698 bytes)

Mature adult

brahea_armata.JPG (69557 bytes)


Nice specimen showing the blue in the leaves 
that is characteristic of this species

The famous hardy blue palm from Mexico. Stiff, fan shaped leaves of a stunning pale blue colour. Conservatory, or sunny spot in the garden. Well drained soil, plenty of water in summer, rather drier in winter, when it can withstand -10șC or so when larger. It is much happier, and faster growing when planted in the ground. To around 10 feet.

Top photo courtesy and copyright © 1998, Javier Segura, PALMASUR: Palms and Gardens in the south-west of Europe. Middle photo copyright © 1998, Jody Haynes; taken at Fairchild Tropical Garden. Bottom photo courtesy and copyright © 2000, Martin Gibbons & Tobias Spanner, The Rare Palm Seeds Site.

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