Brahea edulis

Synonymy: Unknown Distribution: Guadelupe
Common names: Guadelupe palm Conservation status: Endangered

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As Brahea edulis is native only to Guadalupe Island, and the island is completely overrun with goats, it would be safe to say it is endangered. The youngest trees are about 150 years old, and the goats eat every single seedling. But this plant is doing better than many of the other endemics of the island, including an endemic tree in the olive family that resembled a yellow-flowered evergreen lilac or privet, called Hesperlaea, which is extinct. Of course B. edulis is rather popular in California and other Mediterranean climate areas as an ornamental. Text contributed by Jason Dewees

Faster growing than its blue cousin and, it must be said, somewhat easier. When big enough, plant in the sheltered garden in full sun, or use in conservatory or home in bright but indirect light. Plenty of water in summer, rather drier in winter.

Photo courtesy and copyright 1998, Javier Segura, PALMASUR: Palms and Gardens in the south-west of Europe.

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