Carpoxylon macrospermum

Synonymy: Unknown Distribution: Vanuatu
Common names: Carpoxylon palm Conservation status: Endangered


carpoxylon_macrospermum_sdlg.JPG (79663 bytes)


Once thought to be extinct, this species was "accidentally" rediscovered in 1987 by John Dowe and has since been introduced into cultivation (Dowe, J. L. 1989. The unexpected rediscovery of Carpoxylon macrospermum. Principes 33: 63-67.). It is known only from about 150 adult plants on various islands in the Vanuatu island chain and is extinct on Aneityum Island, which is where the original material was collected in the late 19th century. Originally described from only seeds, a complete description was made by John Dowe and Natalie Uhl in 1989 (Dowe, J. L., and N. W. Uhl. 1989. Carpoxylon macrospermum. Principes 33: 68-73.).

Top photo courtesy and copyright 1999, Dick Phillips; taken in his private garden. Bottom photo copyright 1998, Jody Haynes; personal collection.

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