Chamaedorea seifrizii

Synonymy: Chamaedorea erumpens Distribution: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras
Common names: Bamboo palm Conservation status: Endangered in Mexico; status unknown elsewhere.

chamaedorea_seifrizii.jpg (76957 bytes)

Typical adult clump.

chamaedorea_erumpens_sdlg.JPG (77528 bytes)


This attractive indoor palm produces long bamboo-like canes which in time form a tall, columnar shaped
plant, perfect for today's interiors. In common with other chamaedoreas it tolerates low light well, requires
a rich soil with an abundance of water and is generally reliable, and exceptionally easy to look after. Keep
it out of direct light, feed during the growing season, and keep the soil just moist all the time.

Top photo courtesy and copyright 1998, Alix & Magdeleine Hoareau, ParcAPalm. Bottom photo copyright 1998, Jody Haynes.

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