Coccothrinax borhidiana

Synonymy: None Distribution: Endemic to a very small area of northern Cuba
Common names: Borhidis guano palm Conservation status: Critically endangered

Large adult plant in habitat

cborhidiana_closeup.JPG (70494 bytes)

Closeup of small adult plant showing lace pattern and base
of inflorescence (top right) and infructescence (left).

cborhidiana_inflower.JPG (62841 bytes)

Flowering adult plant

cborhidiana_inflorescence.JPG (69307 bytes)

Closeup of inflorescence

coccothrinax_borhidiana2.JPG (51485 bytes)

Juvenile plant (same plant as above, one year earlier)

coccothrinax_borhidiana_sdlg.JPG (62573 bytes)


This palm easily surpasses any other Coccothrinax in appearance, including the famed C. crinita. Native only to a small coastal area in the north of Cuba, where it grows in stunted coastal vegetation, it is seriously threatened with extinction. It is a smallish palm with a slender trunk thickly clothed in a coat of undulated fibers, topped by a very dense crown of closely spaced, circular, rigid, thick and leathery, dark green leaves that are held on short petioles. This palm is without doubt the most desirable of all of the Coccothrinax.

Top photo courtesy and copyright 1999, Paul Craft. Middle three photos courtesy and copyright 1999, Brian Sheahan. Bottom two photos copyright 1998, Jody Haynes. All but the top and bottom photos taken at the Tropical Research & Education Center, Homestead, FL.

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