Coccothrinax miraguama

Synonymy: Coccothrinax acuminata, C. miraguano, C. yuraguana Distribution: Cuba
Common names: Miraguama palm Conservation status: Not threatened

coccothrinax_miraguama.jpg (133426 bytes)


coccothrinax_miraguama_havanensis_sdlg.JPG (65699 bytes)

Seedling of C. miraguama var. havanensis

coccothrinax_miraguama_roseocarpa_sdlg.JPG (63208 bytes)

Seedling of C. miraguama var. roseocarpa

Coccothrinax miraguama has several local common names: it is most often called Miraguano, except in Pinar del Rio, Camaguey Matanzas and Las Villas; in Matanzas they call it Biraguano; and in Camaguey and the province of Las Villas, it is called Yuraguano or Yuraguana. Coccothrinax miraguama var. arenicola León is called Guanito (Carlo Morici, pers. comm.).

Top photo courtesy University of Florida-IFAS. Bottom two photos copyright © 1998, Jody Haynes.

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