Dypsis decipiens

Synonymy: Unknown Distribution: Unknown
Common names: Manambe palm Conservation status: Unknown

dypsis_decipiens.JPG (63656 bytes)


dypsis_decipiens_sdlgred.JPG (67376 bytes)

Seedling of red form

This large and truly spectacular palm comes from the dry highlands of central Madagacar. With its leathery, blue green, plumose leaves; tall, pale crownshaft; and smooth, cigar-shaped, gray trunk, it is reminiscent of a Royal Palm (Roystonea). Dypsis decipiens grows to altitudes of 2000 m (6700 ft.) and is one of the most cold tolerant palms from Madagascar. It requires a temperate or subtropical climate and will survive quite heavy frosts.

Photos courtesy and copyright 1998, Geoff Stein. Top photo taken at a private garden in Ventura, CA; bottom photo taken at Huntington Gardens, Pasadena, CA.

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