Hyophorbe verschaffeltii Wendland

Synonymy: Mascarena verschaffeltii Distribution: Endemic to Rodriguez Island (Mascarenes)
Common names: Spindle palm Conservation status: Almost extinct in wild

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Hyophorbe verschefeltii


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Hyophorbe verschefeltii are native to the Mascarene island of Rodriguez. This palm does well in tropical areas as well as sub-tropical areas. Give it full sun and a good draining soil. Seeds germinate in three months and also make excellent tub specimens.This palm makes a nice specimen plant because its trunk eventually grows in the shape of a spindle--hence the name. Its close relative, the bottle palm (H. lagenicaulis) is more popular with collectors/palm enthusiasts, because it has a bottle-shaped trunk.

Top photo courtesy University of Florida-IFAS. Middle and bottom photos copyright 1998, Jody Haynes.

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