Iriartea deltoidea

Synonymy: Unknown Distribution: South America, in the Andes Mountains
Common names: Barrigona or copa palm Conservation status: Unknown

For many enthusiasts, the Iriartea is the grandest of the many stunning palms of South America. This tall, stunning, elegant palm from the Andes Mountains of South America has a slightly swollen, gray or white trunk; plumose leaves like fox tails or bottle brushes with leaflets very neatly arranged in four planes; and giant, horn-shaped inflorescence-bracts, which easily identify it. Common in its native home, it is almost unknown in cultivation and should be much more widely grown. For warm subtropical and tropical areas, where it enjoys humidity, rich soil, and plenty of water.

Photo courtesy and copyright 2000, Martin Gibbons & Tobias Spanner, The Rare Palm Seeds Site.

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