Kerriodoxa elegans Dransfield

Synonymy: None Distribution: Southern Thailand
Common names: White elephant palm Conservation status: Unknown, probably vulnerable

Kerriodoxa elegans

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kerriodoxa_elegans_inhabitat.JPG (60888 bytes)

Kerriodoxa elegans in habitat on Phuket Island, Thailand.

Endemic to Thailand, where it grows as a understory palm, this palm requires a tropical climate and will also do well in containers. The petioles have very sharp margins and fronds are shiny green on the top and white beneath.

Top photo courtesy and copyright 1998, Mike Maxson, Palms of the World. Second photo courtesy and copyright 1998, Geoff Stein; taken at Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens, Thailand.Third photo copyright 1998, Jody Haynes. Bottom photo courtesy and copyright 1998, Geoff Stein.

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