Metroxylon sagu

Synonymy: Metroxylon rumphii, M. squarrosum Distribution: Southeast Asia and nearby Pacific
Common names: Sago palm, rumbia (local name) Conservation status: Unknown

Sago palm in the vegetative trunk stage, with a sucker; 
clove trees in the background. Siri-Sori, Saparua 
Island, Maluku Province, Indonesia, 06 Dec.1988.

A sago palm grove with palms in various stages of development: suckers, 
vegetative trunk stage, generative stage (various flowering stages), and a 
dead trunk. Waipirit, West Seram, Maluku Province, Indonesia, 13 July 1989.

Photos courtesy and copyright 1988-89, Rik Shuiling, TROP CROP.

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