Phoenix sylvestris

Synonymy: Unknown Distribution: India
Common names: Silver date palm, sugar date palm, khajuri Conservation status: Not threatened

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A large, fast growing, and very ornamental species that is actually quite rare in cultivation. As with so many species of Phoenix, many plants lurking in botanic gardens or collections under this name are actually hybrids with little resemblance to the true silver date palm, or, even worse, are simply misnamed P. canariensis. Its tall trunk is much more slender than that of P. canariensis, and its very full and dense crown has elegantly recurving, grayish, plumose leaves. It is as easy to grow as any Phoenix and will adapt to temperate as well as tropical conditions.

Top photo copyright 1998, Jody Haynes; taken at Fairchild Tropical Garden. Bottom photo courtesy and copyright 1998, Geoff Stein; taken at Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens, Thailand.

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