Phoenix theophrasti

Synonymy: None Distribution: Crete, Greece, Turkey
Common names: Cretan date palm Conservation status: Threatened

Plants in habitat

phoenix_theophrasti.JPG (80309 bytes)

Plant in cultivation

There are only two species of palm endemic to Europe: the Mediterranean Fan palm is one, and this is the other. From Crete and one or two small areas of Turkey, it has attractive silvery-grey leaves and a generally spiky, architectural appearance. It performs as well as the other Phoenix palms and is suitable for conservatory, home, or a sheltered spot in a sunny, south facing garden where it should tolerate very low temperatures when larger. Its native habitat is threatened by hotel development.

Top photo courtesy and copyright 2000, Martin Gibbons & Tobias Spanner, The Rare Palm Seeds Site. Bottom photo courtesy and copyright 1998, Geoff Stein; taken at Huntington Gardens, Pasadena, CA.

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