Plectocomia himalayana

Synonymy: Unknown Distribution: Northeast India, in the Himalaya Mountains
Common names: Himalayan rattan palm Conservation status: Unknown

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In habitat in India

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plectocomia_himalayana_sdlg.jpg (15359 bytes) plectocomia_himalayana_spines.jpg (18211 bytes)



 Can you imagine a climbing palm, that grows 80 feet (25m) up into the tree tops, but that is HARDY? Plectocomia himalayana comes from the Himalayas at altitudes of 2000 meters. This mountain beauty grows in northeast India and, amazingly, gets frosted every winter! It grows on poor soils and has a soft pith so it cannot be used for fine furniture.

Top and middle photos courtesy and copyright 1998, Ganesh Mani Pradhan, The Orchid Retreat; Kalimpong, West Bengal, India. Bottom photos courtesy and copyright 1998, Mike Maxson, Palms of the World.

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