Pritchardia martii (Gaud.) H. Wendl.

Synonymy: Pritchardia gaudichaudii (Mart.) H. Wendl., Pritchardia kahanae Rock & Caum, Pritchardia kahukuensis Caum, Pritchardia kamapuaana Caum, Pritchardia macdanielsii Caum, Pritchardia martioides Rock & Caum, Pritchardia rockiana Becc. Distribution: Hawaiian Islands
Common names: Koolau range pritchardia, Lo'ulu hiwa Conservation status: Not threatened

pritchardia_martii.jpg (223336 bytes)

Photo courtesy and copyright 1998, Gerald D. Carr.

Pritchardia martii palm growing along a stream in a valley in the Ko`olau Mts on O`ahu.The seeds in the second photo are hanging over the stream. There was one small palm on the bank with the big one.

Photos courtesy and copyright 2001, Steve Rohrmayr

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