Raphia farinifera

Synonymy: Raphia ruffia Distribution: East and central Africa, probaly introduced into Madagascar
Common names: Raffia palm Conservation status: Not threatened

raphia_farinifera.JPG (71020 bytes)

Adult plant with sucker to the left.

raphia_farinifera_infl.JPG (83023 bytes)

The same plant as above several months later, now showing several inflorescences.

Raffia farinifera

Juvenile plant.

This palm is a magnificent specimen species, reaching 40-60 feet in height. The leaves of this species, which is a native of Africa, are of the longest in the plant kingdom. It's sister species, Raphia regalis, has the longest leaves of all, reaching up to 75 feet in length, and arising nearly from the ground, as the trunk is quite short. Photos copyright 1998, Jody Haynes; top and middle photos taken at Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami, FL.

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