Rhopalostylis baueri

Synonymy: Rhopalostylis cheesmanii Distribution: Norfolk Island
Common names: Norfolk Island palm Conservation status: Vulnerable

rhopalostylis_baueri.jpg (38961 bytes)

The Norfolk Island Palm is prominent along gullies in or near the National Park, but rare elsewhere on the island. It reaches 10 m in height. Fruits are an attractive bright red when ripe. and are a favoured food of the Green Parrot. The growing tip of the Norfolk Island Palm was used by early
settlers as a vegetable and is reported to have tasted like a nut when raw and like an artichoke bottom, when boiled. It didn't agree with everybody - there is a report of a convict dying from overeating this palm "cabbage". Removal of the tip kills the palm. Ribs from the palm fronds were used for making brooms, and the fronds woven into baskets.

Excerpt and photo copyright 1998, Norfolk Island Botanic Gardens.

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