Syagrus petraea

Synonymy: Unknown Distribution: Cerrado (savannah-like vegetation) in Brazil, eastern Bolivia and Paraguay, in sandy to red clayey soils
Common names: Coco de vassoura, ariri (Brazil); palma de las rocas (Bolivia); guriri (Paraguay) Conservation status: Widespread and common, growing under planted Pinus forest (half-shaded) and open cerrado fields


Adult plants in habitat


This species is native to Brazilís cerrado (savannah-like vegetation). It is very common, but it is not cultivated.
Stems are solitary or clustered, short and subterranean, 1.0Ė1.5 m tall. Leaves bluish-green above, satiny whitish on the lower surface.
Seeds are very difficult to obtain, because insects and rodents predate most of them.

Photos courtesy and copyright © 2003, Jo„o C. Geraldo; taken in habitat near Brotas, Sao Paulo State, Brazil.

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