Syagrus romanzoffiana

Synonymy: Arecastrum romanzoffianum, Cocos plumosa Distribution: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Brazil
Common names: Queen palm Conservation status: Not threatened

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With its stout trunk and elegant crown of plumose leaves, the queen palm is a common and familiar sight in streets, gardens, and parks in milder climates around the world. Its ready availability, fast growth, and subsequent low price make it a popular choice for growers, to the exclusion of perhaps less common but more interesting contenders. Together with Phoenix and Washingtonia, it is certainly the most used street palm in the world.

Top photo courtesy and copyright © 1998, Alix & Magdeleine Hoareau, ParcAPalm. Bottom two photos courtesy and copyright © 1998, Comvence S.R.L., Palmitos Paraguayos, Asunción-Paraguay; taken in habitat in Paraguay.

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