Trithrinax campestris

Synonymy: Unknown Distribution: South America
Common names: Blue needle palm  Conservation status: Unknown

Large adults in the mountains of the aisle area of Cordoba, Argentina

trithrinax_campestris_juv.JPG (65929 bytes)

Juvenile in a private garden in Santa Barbara, CA

Surely this palm has the stiffest leaves of any! It is a "once seen, never forgotten" species that will grow in a wide range of climates, tolerating both desert heat and intense cold. Probably the most durable palm on Earth! Its leaves are quite blue in color and stiff as sheet metal, and its trunk is covered with an intricate network of old leaf bases, recognizable by touch alone! One of the most distinctive of all palms, and one that everyone will want to have in their collections.

Top photo courtesy and copyright 1999, Gaston Torres Vera. Bottom photo courtesy and copyright 1998, Geoff Stein.

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