Verschaffeltia splendida

Synonymy: Unknown Distribution: Seychelles Islands
Common names: Latanier latte, Seychelles stilt palm Conservation status: Unknown

verschefeltia_splendida.jpg (55736 bytes)

Adult plant.

verschefeltia_splendida2.jpg (22498 bytes)

Juvenile plant.

Verschefeltia is a monotypic genus. A beautiful species that sports a slender, spiny trunk supported by prominent stilt roots, and large, undivided leaves. The trunk and petioles are covered with spines. This palm needs a tropical climate with good moisture and protection from the wind (so the leaves won't split). It comes from the Seychelles where it grows on steep forested hillside at the 1,000 to 2,000 foot level. The large seeds are easy to germinate and the seedlings are fast growing. They are best in a humid, warm subtropical or tropical climate but can also easily be kept indoors in containers.

Top photo courtesy and copyright 1998, Alix & Magdeleine Hoareau, ParcAPalm. Bottom photo courtesy and copyright 1998, Mike Maxson, Palms of the World; taken at Nancy's Secret Garden in Key West, Florida.

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