Plant Profile: Chamaedorea microspadix - The Bamboo Palm

Origin: Mexico 

Height: 3 metres.

Requirements: Sun or shade.

Chamaedorea microspadix is a delicate, multi-stemmed palm. It is best grown in light dappled shade, say beneath taller palms or trees. While it thrives in moist conditions, it should be provided with reasonably well-drained (i.e. not boggy!) soil.

Once the clump has established, the stems may, at a distance, resemble a medium-sized bamboo - hence the palm's common name. Its fairly small dimensions make it a good plant for indoor or outdoor cultivation. It could also be a good plant for a tub on the patio. 

It is a fairly fast growing palm (as palms go!). Just be sure to keep it well-watered in the summer. The main drawback is that its leaves may develop brown edges in winter, if the plants over-watered or if scorched by the sun. This is only a temporary problem, though. New green growth reappears by mid summer. Once established the palm quickly forms a dense clump. 

In our garden it has survived freezes at -6C. Other growers claim it can survive -8C or lower. 

Bamboo Palm, a delicate, cold-hardy relative of the
common Parlour Palm (Chamaedorea elegans)

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