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This photo gallery is intended to serve multiple purposes. First, it provides at least one photograph of a particular palm to assist in species identification and/or landscape design. Our goal is to provide photos of all stages of growth in cultivation, as well as photos of the palms in their native habitats. If you have photos that you would like to share, please contact the webmaster (, as we would love to add it to this gallery. 

Second, this gallery provides common name(s) (when known), synonyms of scientific names, the species' natural distribution, and its conservation status (when known). Third, for some species we also provide a brief description of the palm--thanks to Martin Gibbons, of Palm Centre in the UK. More detailed information is provided for a few species, courtesy of Huw Collingbourne, of Rosedown Mill Palms & Exotics, which is also in the UK. To view the latter, more detailed information, for a particular species, click on the link at the bottom of the corresponding species page.

Distribution maps are also provided by the University of South Florida for several species in Florida. To view the map for a given species, click on the isb-logo.GIF (3508 bytes)link at the bottom of the species page.

Cold-hardiness information is also available from Peter Hueppi's (Cold-Rating Data Base) for many of the species listed. (Note: The individual links have not been corrected on all of the pages since the database was moved to a different URL; therefore, some of the links to the CRDB may not work.)

Many of the photos herein were obtained from other internet sites (with permission, of course); some belong to the webmaster; and some were provided by other parties. Courtesy and copyright information is given at the bottom of each photo page.

Click here to view an antique print of a German painting (ca. 1900) depicting nine palms. What is interesting about this print is the old names that were used 100 years ago for the species represented. 

We have also added sections of the photo gallery for photos of palm oddities and palm fossils.


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