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Stem/trunk deformations and aberrations

Four-headed date palm

Panama City's (FL) four-headed date palm being fitted into a hauling frame for its move to a new home in St. Andrew.

Photos courtesy and copyright 1997 Panama City News Herald.
Photo: Tom Needham


9headedqueen.JPG (30821 bytes) 9headedqueen2.JPG (21026 bytes)

Nine-headed queen palm, Syagrus romanzoffiana, in St. Petersburg, FL.

Photos courtesy and copyright 1999, Jerold Crawford, Tampa, FL.


sabal_domingensis1.jpg (101619 bytes)

Ten-headed Sabal domingensis in Dominican Republic.

Photo courtesy and copyright 1998, Mike Smith


corkscrewcoconut.JPG (72018 bytes)

Corkscrew coconut palm, Cocos nucifera, in Bali

Photo courtesy and copyright 1997, David Masterman


chamaedorea_nohead.jpg (50441 bytes)

Chamadorea glaucifolia "no head"

Photo courtesy and copyright 1998,
Arvydas Vaisnys, Miami, FL


braheaedulishollow.jpg (67887 bytes)

Hollow trunk of Brahea edulis at Hearst Castle, CA

Photo courtesy and copyright 1999, Henry Donselman
Palms & Other Tropical Pleasures


phoenix_adventitious_roots.JPG (70801 bytes) phoenix_adventitious_roots2.JPG (47743 bytes)

Phoenix dactylifera in Miami, FL, with adventitious roots


phoenix_roebelenii_monstrose.JPG (51238 bytes)

Multiheaded (monstrose) Phoenix roebelinii at
the Catamaran Hotel, San Diego, CA.

Photo courtesy and copyright 1999, Geoff Stein.


Double-headed Butia capitata in
Chattahoochee, Florida.

Photo courtesy and copyright 1999, Geri Prall.

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