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In association with, we bring you the following list of palm references--at excellent prices! Many of the titles have customer reviews/responses listed; just click on a title and it will take you to the appropriate page for that particular book. If the book you are interested in buying is not listed here or if you are looking for non-palm books, use the search window at the bottom of the page. Part of the proceeds of these book sales go to the Palm & Cycad Societies of Florida and the International Palm Society.

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The following books are currently available:

1877809071_m.gif (11928 bytes) The ABCs of Indoor Palm Trees
by Joelle Steele / Paperback - 40 pages 1 edition (September 1, 1998)
Park Place Pubns; ISBN: 1877809071

Arthropods on Palms
by F.W. Howard, D. Moore, R. Abad / Hardcover (October 1999)
CABI Publishing, CAB International; ISBN: 0851993265

betrockbook.JPG (30670 bytes) Betrock's Guide to Landscape Palms
Allen Meerow / Hardcover / Published 1994 - Betrocks Information Systems
ISBN: 0962976113

Brazilian Palms: Notes on Their Uses and Vernacular Names, Compiled and Translated from Pio Correas Dicionario Das Plantas Uteis Do Brasil E Das exot
Claudio Urbano B. Pinheiro, Michael Balick (Editors) / Paperback / Published 1987 - Lubrecht & Cramer Ltd
ISBN: 0893273171

Cell and Tissue Culture in Forestry : Case Histories : Gymnosperms, Angiosperms and Palms (Forestry Sciences, 26) Vol. 3
J.M. Bonga, Don J. Durzan (Editors) / Hardcover / Published 1987 - Martinus Nijhoff
ISBN: 9024734320

Chamaedorea Palm
by Donald R. Holdel / Hardcover (March 1992)
Allen Press; ISBN: 9992152125

Chamaedorea Palms: The Species and their Cultivation
Hardcover / Published 1992 - International Palm Society
ISBN: 0935868569

Date Palm Products (Fao Agricultural Services Bulletin, 101)
by W.H. Barreveld / Paperback (August 1993)
Food & Agriculture Organization; ISBN: 9251032513

Diseases and Disorders of Ornamental Palms
A.R. Chase, T.K. Broschot / Paperback / Published 1991 - American Phytopathological Society
ISBN: 0890541191

Field Guide to the Palms of the Americas
Andrew Henderson, et al / Paperback - 363 pages / Published 1997 - Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691016003

Field Guide to the Palms of the Americas
Andrew Henderson, et al / Hardcover - 352 pages / Published 1995 - Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691085374

1886106657_m.gif (11222 bytes) Forest Trees and Palms : Diseases and Control
by S. P. Raychaudhuri (Editor), Karl Maramorosch (Editor) / Hardcover (December 1996)/ Science Pub; ISBN: 1886106657

Flora of the U.S.S.R. (Cyperaceae-Palmae, Spathiflorae, Farinosae, Lilliflorae: Cyperaceae-Palmae, Spathiflorae, Farinosae, Lilliflorae)
Hardcover / Published 1985 - Balogh Scientific Books
ISBN: 3874292231

floridatrees.gif (14099 bytes) Florida's Fabulous Trees
Winston Williams / Paperback - 64 pages, 2nd ed / Published 1985 - World Publications
ISBN: 0911977023
foresttrees.gif (11222 bytes) Forest Trees and Palms: Diseases and Control
S. P. Raychaudhuri, Karl Maramorosch (Editors) / Hardcover / Published 1996 - Science Publications
ISBN: 1886106657
generapalmarum.gif (27431 bytes) Genera Palmarum: A Classification of Palms Based on the Work of Harold E. Moore, Jr.
John Dransfield, Natalie W. Uhl / Paperback / Published 1987 - International Palm Society
ISBN: 0935868305

Handbook of Landscape Palms
Paperback (July 1995) / Great Outdoors Pub Co; ISBN: 082000412X

Harvest of the Palm : Ecological Change in Eastern Indonesia
by James J. Fox / Hardcover - 290 pages (February 1978)
Harvard Univ Pr; ISBN: 0674381114

How to Process Coconut Palm Wood : A Handbook
by Wulf Killmann / Paperback (September 1988)
Friedrick Vieweg & Son; ISBN: 3528020334

Jessenia and Oenocarpus: Neotropical Oil Palms Worthy of Domestication (Fao Plant Production and Protection Paper, No 88)
Michael J. Balick / Paperback / Published 1988 - Food & Agriculture Organization
ISBN: 9251026769

Lethal Yellowing : Research and Practical Aspects (Developments in Plant Pathology, Vol 5)
by C. Oropeza (Editor), F. W. Howard (Editor), G. R. Ashburner (Editor) / Hardcover (November 1995)
Kluwer Academic Pub; ISBN: 0792337239

The Oil Palm
(Better Farming Series & Economic Social Development Series: No. 23 and No. 3/24)

Paperback Rev Ed edition (June 1977)
Unipub; ISBN: 9251006253

Oil Palms and Other Oilseeds of the Amazon (Studies in Economic Botany, No 2)
Celestino Pesce, Dennis V. Johnson (Editors) / Hardcover / Published 1985 - Reference Publications
ISBN: 091725628X

The Palm--Tree of Life: Biology, Utilization and Conservation (Advances in Economic Botany Series) Vol 6
Michael J. Balick (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1988 - Aperture
ISBN: 0893273260

0521343763_m.gif (14300 bytes) Palm Oil and Protest : An Economic History of the Ngwa Region, South-Eastern Nigeria, 1800-1980 (African Studies, No 59)
by Susan M. Martin / Hardcover (May 1988)
Cambridge Univ Pr (Short); ISBN: 0521343763

Palm Trees
by Marcia S. Freeman / Reading level: Ages 4-8
Library Binding - 24 pages (December 1998)
Capstone Press; ISBN: 051621506X

1555218377_m.gif (15239 bytes) Palms: The New Compact Study Guide and Identifier
Martin Gibbons / Hardcover- 80 pages / Published 1993 - Book Sales
ISBN: 1555218377

Palms and Cycads Around the World
Jack Krempin / Hardcover / Published 1990 - American Nurseryman
ISBN: 072552216X

Palms for Human Needs in Asia: Palm Utilization and Conservation in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines
Dennis Johnson (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1991 - Aa Balkema
ISBN: 9061911818

Palms in Forest Ecosystems of Amazonia
Hardcover / Published 1992 - Springer Verlag
ISBN: 3540543996

Palms in Forest Ecosystems of Amazonia (Ecological Studies, Vol 95)
Francis Kahn, Jean-Jacques De Granvill / Hardcover / Published 1992 - Springer Verlag
ISBN: 0387543996

The Palms of Eldorado
Francis Kahn / Paperback - 252 pages / Published 1997 - International Palm Society
ISBN: 2876550342

The Palms of Madagascar
John Dransfield, et al / Hardcover - 475 pages / Published 1995 - International Palm Society
ISBN: 0947643826

Palms of Malaya
by T. C. Whitmore / Paperback - 152 pages 2 edition (November 1998)
White Lotus Co., Ltd.; ISBN: 9748434559

Palms of South Florida
George B. Stevenson / Paperback - 251 pages / Published 1996 - University Press of Florida
ISBN: 0813014417

The Palms of the Amazon
Andrew Henderson / Hardcover / Published 1995 - Oxford Univ Press
ISBN: 0195083113

jonesbook.JPG (37199 bytes)

Palms Throughout the World
David L. Jones / Hardcover - 410 pages /
Published 1995 - Smithsonian Institute Press
ISBN: 1560986166

The Palmyra Palm : Potential and Perspectives
(FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper, No. 52 F2556)

by A. Kovoor / Paperback (September 1984)
Food & Agriculture Organization; ISBN: 9251014728

Pests of the Coconut Palm (Plant Production and Protection Papers)
by R. J. Lever / Paperback (June 1969)
Food & Agriculture Org; ISBN: 9251008574

Proceedings of the World Conference on Palm and Coconut Oils for the 21st Century: Sources, Processing, Applications, and Competition
Hardcover (February 1999)
American Oil Chemists Society; ISBN: 0935315993

Replanting the Tree of Life : Towards an International Agenda for Coconut Palm Research
by Gabrielle J. Persley / Hardcover (November 1992)
CABI Publishing, CAB International; ISBN: 0851988156

Revisions of the Palm Genus Syagrus Mart. and Other Selected Genera in the Cocos Alliance (Illinois Biological Monographs, No 56)
Sidney F. Glassman / Paperback / Published 1987 - University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252013662

0965401901_m.gif (12365 bytes) The Sabal Palm : A Native Monarch
by Barbara Oehlbeck / Hardcover (December 1996)
Gulfshore Communications; ISBN: 0965401901

Sago: The Equatorial Swamp As a Natural Resource
W.R. Stanton / Hardcover / Published 1981 - Martinus Nijhoff
ISBN: 9024724708

0961213000_m.gif (10886 bytes) Secret of the Orient, dwarf Rhapis excelsa: a "lady palm" reference, including standard Rhapis excelsa and other Rhapis palms
Lynn McKamey / - 52 pages lst edition
Rhapis Gardens; ISBN: 0961213000

Slug and Nettle Caterpillars: The Biology, Taxonomy and Control of the Limacodidae of Economic Importance on Palms in South-East Asia
M. J. Cock (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1987

The Subsidy from Nature: Palm Forests, Peasantry, and Development on an Amazon Frontier
by Anthony B. Anderson, Peter H. May, Michael J. Balick / Hardcover - 233 pages (October 1991)
Columbia Univ Pr; ISBN: 0231072228

Systematics of Cryosophila (Palmae)
Christiane Anderson (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1995 - C A B International
ISBN: 0851986005

A Taxonomic Treatment of the Palm Subtribe Attaleinae
(Tribe Cocoeae (Illinois Biological Monographs, 59))

by Sidney F. Glassman / Paperback (October 1999)
Univ of Illinois Press (Trd); ISBN: 025206786X

tropicallook.gif (16793 bytes) The Tropical Look: An Encyclopedia of Dramatic Landscape Plants
Robert Lee Riffle / Hardcover / Published 1998 - Timber Press
ISBN: 0881924229

Useful Palms of the World: A Synoptic Bibliography
Michael J. Balick, Hans T. Beck (Editors) / Hardcover / Published 1990 - Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231066767

What Are Fronds For?
by Wendy Arbeit / Paperback - 110 pages (September 1985)
Univ of Hawaii Press; ISBN: 0824809998

081301641x_m.gif (16116 bytes) Your Florida Landscape : A Complete Guide to Planting and Maintenance : Trees, Palms, Shrubs, Ground Covers and Vines
by Robert J. Black (Editor), Kathleen C. Ruppert (Editor) / Paperback (October 1998) / Univ Press of Florida (T); ISBN: 081301641X


These books/articles are on back-order or are out-of-print.
(Please check back with to find out if they are available and/or if the publishers are going to reprint them and when)

stewartbook.JPG (36395 bytes) A Guide to Palms & Cycads of the World
Lynette Stewart / Hardcover / Published 1994 - Harper Collins
ISBN: 0207176434

Handbook of Landscape Palms
Paperback / Published 1995 - Great Outdoors Publishing Company
ISBN: 082000412X

Palms: An Action Plan for Their Conservation
Dennis V. Johnson (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1993 - Island Press
ISBN: 2831701503

Sago Palm (FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper, No. 47)
Paperback / Published 1984 - Food & Agriculture Organization
ISBN: 9251014256

These books/articles are out-of-print.
( can search for them for you in used book stores)

Abstracts on the date palm, 1951-1983
ASIN: 9285560172

Advances in coconut research and development
ASIN: 8120408012

Coconut and copra production in the Pacific Islands
by E. Bryant / ASIN: 0589043951

Coconut cultivation
by R. Mahindapala / ASIN: 9559013009

Coconut Palm Frond Weaving
by William H. Goodloe

Coconut Production : Present Status and Priorities for Research (World Bank Technical Paper, No 136)
by Alan H. Green (Editor) / ASIN: 0821318098

Coconut, the tree of life
by Carolyn Meyer / ASIN: 0688320848

Coconuts : Production, Processing, Products
by Jasper Guy Woodroff / ASIN: 0870552767

Coryphoid palm fruits and seeds from the Danian of Nãugssuaq, West Greenland
B. Eske Koch

The Date Palm: Bread of the Desert
by Hilda Simon / ASIN: 0396075231

Date palms in Kenya: an economic resource for arid and semi-arid areas
Tim Gammell

Date Production and Protection
ASIN: 9251011214

Datepalm research in Thar Desert
by Atul Chandra / ASIN: 8172330189

Determinants of adoption of improved oil-palm production technologies in Imo State, Nigeria
by Jude E. Njoku / ASIN: 0933595476

Economics of Oil Palm (Economics of Crops in Developing Countries, No 2/Pdc289)
by H.A.J. Moll / ASIN: 9022008762

Ferns and Palms for Interior Decoration
Jack, Kramer / Published 1972

Financing oil palm production through contract farming
by Ade Olomola / ASIN: 9781812966

From slaves to palm kernels : a history of the Galinhas country (West Africa), 1730-1890
by Adam Jones / ASIN: 3515038787

From slaves to palm oil : slave trade and palm oil trade in the Bight of Biafra
by G. I. Jones / ASIN: 0902993267

Handbook of Florida Palms
Beth McGeachy / Published 1982

Hoskins development: the role of oil palm and timber
ASIN: 0858180138

An Informative, Practical Guide to Palms of the World: Their Cultivation,and Landscape Use
Alec and Rodd, Tony Blombery / Published 1983

The Instant Guide to Healthy Palms and Ferns (Complete Plant Doctor Series, Vol 3)
Tom Gough / Hardcover / Published 1985 - Times Books
ISBN: 0812911776

Investigation of palm olein as fuel or fuel supplement for diesel engines
by D. J. Galloway / ASIN: 0864431252

Key guide to Australian palms, ferns, and allies
Leonard Cronin

Land suitability and feasibility study for oil palm and rubber plantations in south-west Cameroon
ASIN: 0861820010

Micropropagation of Selected Rotocrops, Palms, Citrus and Ornamental Species/F2692
Published 1985

The Miniature Palms of Japan: Cultivating Kannonchiku and Shurochiku
Yoshihiro. Okita / Published 1981

Morphological and anatomical studies of the coconut
by E. H. D. Smit / ASIN: 9027805806

The oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.)
by C. W. S. Hartley / ASIN: 0582468094

The Oil Palm (Tropical Agriculture Series)
by C. W. S. Hartley / ASIN: 0470210702

Oil palm diseases and disorders
by Peter D. Turner / ASIN: 0195804686

Oil Palm Research (Developments in Crop Science Series; Vol. 1)
by R. H. Corley (Editor) / ASIN: 0444414711

Organisational aspects of agro-industrial development agencies; 9 case studies in Africa (tea, cotton, oil-palm)
by Hans Blume / ASIN: 3803900433

Palm Oil (Critical Reports on Applied Chemistry, Vol. 15)
by F.D. Gunstone (Editor) / ASIN: 0471913359

The palm collection of the Durban Botanic Gardens: with notes on palm cultivation and identification
by Ann Lambert / ASIN: 0958387516

Palm leaf etchings of Orissa
by Durga Prasad Patnaik / ASIN: 8170172489

Palm oil product technology in the eighties : a report of the proceedings of the International Conference on Palm Oil Product Technology in the Eighties, held in Kuala Lumpur from 22-24 June 1981
ASIN: 9679949001

Palm tissue culture: state of the art and its application to the coconut: paper presented at the fifth session of the FAO Technical Working Party on Coconut Production, Protection, and Processing, Manila, December 1979
A. Kovoor

Palmae Vol 2
Tomlinson / Published 1961

Palms and Flowers of Florida
Frances W. Hall / Published 1987

Palms for the Home and Garden
Lynette Stewart / Published 1983

Palms in Australia
David L. Jones

The Palms of the New World: A Conservation Census (The IUCN Conservation Library)
John Dransfield, et al / Published 1988

Palms of the south-west Pacific: their origin, distribution, and description
John L. Dowe

Proceedings 1989 PORIM International Palm Oil Development Conference, 5-9 September 1989, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Proceedings 1991 PORIM International Palm Oil Conference : progress, prospects & challenges towards the 21st century, 9-14 September 1991, Kuala Lumpur Hilton, Malaysia

Proceedings of Conference on Texture--Microstructure--Mechanical Properties Relationships of Materials, November 3rd and 4th, 1981, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Proceedings of PORIM Palm Oil Quality Conference, 11-13 January 1993

Proceedings of Regional Workshop on Palm Oil Mill Technology and Effluent Treatment, 17-18 August 1982, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Proceedings of the 1994 International Topical Meeting on Light Water Reactor Fuel Performance, West Palm Beach, Florida, April 17-21, 1994

Proceedings of the International Seminar on Market Development for Palm Oil Products, 23-27 January 1984

Proceedings of the National Seminar on Palm Oil Extraction Rate : problems and issues, 21-22 December 1993

Proceedings of the National Symposium on Oil Palm By-Products for Agro-Based Industries

Proceedings of the Symposium on Impact of the Pollinating Weevil on the Malaysian Oil Palm Industry

Proceedings of the Workshop on Review of Palm Oil Mill Effluent Technology vis-a-vis Department of Environment Standard

Proceedings of Workshop on Progress of Oil Palm Breeding Populations : Permatang Siantar, Sumatra, Indonesia, 25 November 1988

Proceedings of Workshop on Quality in the Palm Oil Industry

Rain forest: from palms to evergreens
by Elizabeth Marston / ASIN: 082831022X

Rattan: A Report of a Workshop Held in Singapore, June 4-6, 1979
Published 1980

A revision of B. E. Dahlgren's Index of American palms
Sidney F. Glassman

Status and directions of research and development on industrial crops: rubber, cacao, coffee, fibers, spices, oil palm, and castor beans: proceedings of the 2nd National Consultative Meeting and Symposium-Workshop on Industrial Crops, October 4-6, 1990
ASIN: 9718676031

The Structural Biology of Palms
Philip Barry Tomlinson / Published 1990

A summary of investigations into peanut, palm olein, and coconut oils as fuels or fuel supplements for diesel engines
by D. J. Galloway / ASIN: 0864431260

Supplement to Palms of the World
Arthur C. Langlois / Published 1980

Systematics and Economic Botany of the Oenocarpus--Jessenia Palmae Complex (Advances in Economic Botany, Vol 3)
Michael J. Balick / Published 1986

Towards more efficient selection for oil yield in the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacquin)
by H. A. M. van der Vossen / ASIN: 902200522

Trees of Chandbagh: Doon's national heritage: an account of trees, shrubs, woody climbers, bamboos, palms, and screw pines, indigenous and exotic

Utilisation of date palm fibre, Iraq : project findings and recommendations
ASIN: 9221011836

Utilisation of oil palm tree and other palms, 1994: proceedings of the third national seminar

Weaving With Coconut Palm
by George B. Stevenson / ASIN: 0916224406

Women in food processing: traditional palm oil production and changes through the introduction of appropriate technology: a case study of Jago, Nigeria, 1989
by Peter Ay / ASIN: 9782015083

Workshop on Oil Palm Planting Materials: requirement towards the 21st century: proceedings
ASIN: 983920100X

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